God has established and called this church to be a storehouse where the Body of Christ will have their needs met. To build up the Body of Christ from babes to the mature man, for our Lord Jesus Christ. Where all believers can become a part of the Army of God arrayed in full armor, in unity, to fight the good fight of faith.
To provide a place where saints can come and worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.
God has called us to fulfill His "logos" word, to train, equip, and mature the Saints for the purpose of going forth and fulfilling God's "rhema" word to occupy the gates of the nations and God's prophetic personal and corporate prophecies of this church
God is restoring and activating the Saints to walk in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
God is restoring the five fold ministry to the church in which we are now seeing and expiriencing God's move of the prophet and the apostle, and the saints arising so that we can walk and march in power as the Army of God.